Art for Wellbeing

Promoting wellbeing has become a really important part of our work at Wellspring House.  Engaging in art and creative activities is known to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

It is also a great way to bring people together to socialise and to share ideas. 

Creative exercises often form part of the workshops and events that take place at Wellspring House.  And last year we hosted a number of Art for Wellbeing workshops aimed at residents from Bury and further afield and supported by Redfolio Artists.

Participants used techniques such as stamping and mark making with calligraphy and paint to create vibrant and unique artwork exploring themes such as happiness and peace. Some people even had a go at writing with old fashioned typewriters!

Feedback from these events has been fantastic. Participants described feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, inspired and accomplished. There is always lots of opportunity at our events for people to chat and share their ideas. For many, the highlight is meeting new people in the friendly and relaxed setting of Wellspring House.

For participants with busy and pressured daily lives having time to immerse themselves in creative work was really appreciated. One participant said, “I loved the opportunity to express my feelings in art. It was a great outlet.”  It was also rewarding for the workshop organisers to see the Centre buzzing with conversation and creative energy.

vertical books produced by participants at the art for wellbeing workshops held at Wellspring House The range and quality of the work participants produce in such as short time is always amazing. For example the vertical books, (pictured  right) were produced at one of our events. These were installed at Radcliffe Library, where lots of people had the opportunity to enjoy them.   Redfolio Artists believe everyone has the ability to make art and they are great at encouraging and building confidence. Even people who started the workshop believing they were ‘no good at art,’ left at the end of the day with a sense of achievement.

One of the really fun activities we did last year was painting pebbles and leaving them in the local parks for people to find. Some of     our painted pebbles travelled as far afield as Glasgow and Bournemouth as Ministers and Church members from across the country got involved. Our efforts were featured in January’s Lancashire Life magazine.

For Wellspring House 2017 marked the the start of a long-term Art for Wellbeing Project.  There is now regular social group called Art and Minds which meets on Wednesdays at the Centre.  Art and Minds is relaxed  and informal. Participants get together to chat, have a coffee and make art.

Support from Bury Council’s Township Community Fund helped us to get this project off the ground and has enabled us to purchase art materials for the Art and Minds Group.  We are also grateful to Redfolio Artists, Bury Libraries and to everyone who has supported our events.

Plans for 2018 include a calligraphy workshop and a project to create some artwork for permanent display at Wellspring House.

If you are interested in Art for Wellbeing and would like to support or participate in a regular group,or if you are interested in attending one of our artist led workshops, please contact Karen the Centre Leader on