Art in Radcliffe

Art in Radcliffe

Doing art is a great way to express feelings, communicate thoughts and connect with others. Studies have shown that engaging in creative activities has a positive impact on our wellbeing. Making art helps us feel a sense of achievement, we can feel more relaxed, motivated and fulfilled.  At Wellspring House art is one of the many ways we bring people together to socialise and share ideas. 

Creative exercises are a wonderful gateway to explore and express our spiritual selves and it is unsurprising that Wellspring House in drawing together a growing creative community of amateur artists, poets, writers, photographers and maker

Working alongside community artists Redfolio workshop participants have used techniques such as stamping and mark making with calligraphy and paint to create vibrant and unique artwork. Examples of the work, which explores themes such as peace, joy and happiness, have been displayed at Wellspring House and in Radcliffe Library. Redfolio are great at encouraging people new to art to grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Art and Minds in Radcliffe is a group for people with a shared interest in art to get together informally. Set up with a grant from Bury, the group offers regular sessions, which combine mark making using art with mindfulness. The sessions are relaxed, fun and open to anyone. Participants meet for coffee and make art for fun, working on individual and group projects. On warm days there is the opportunity to work in the garden.  Karen, the Centre Leader explained that people who come to Art and Minds sessions have a range of backgrounds, skill levels and abilities. “Mostly people come because they want to get out of the house and meet people and they like the idea of doing some art.” Karen added, “What people seem to like about these sessions, compared to say an art class, is that there is no competition, judgement or pressure to produce something impressive. Everyone has a go, we help each other, chat, eat biscuits, share skills and that really works.”  It is clear from the images on this page that the relaxed, co-operative approach results in some great work.

Feedback from creative events held at Wellspring House has been fantastic. Participants describe feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, inspired and accomplished. Diane, a volunteer at Wellspring House said, “There is always lots of opportunity for visitors to the Centre to socialise, share their ideas and make new friends. For many, the highlight of coming here is meeting new people in a friendly and welcoming setting.”   People with busy and pressured daily lives certainly appreciate having time out to immerse themselves in creative work. One workshop participant said, “I loved the opportunity to express my feelings in art. It was a great outlet.” These events bring a fresh energy to the Centre, Karen the Centre Leader said, ” I love to see the place buzzing with conversation and creativity.”

vertical books produced by participants at the art for wellbeing workshops held at Wellspring House

The range and quality of the work participants produce, in a very short time, is always amazing. People often enjoy combining mark making and artwork with words and favourite quotes. People have written poems and one of the regular participants at the Art and Minds sessions is a talented photographer.  The vertical books, (pictured  right) were created at one of the events and installed at Radcliffe Library, where lots of people had the opportunity to enjoy them. Other work, including photographs taken at Wellspring House and nearby Springwater Park featured in  Lancashire Life magazine.

If you are interested in art as a way of relaxing and meeting new people please contact Karen on or visit the events page to find out about the latest groups and workshops.

The Wellspring House team is also keen to make links with local artists and writers. The Centre is a great venue for creative workshops and for exhibiting work.  If you are interested in being a part of a growing creative community or if would like to support or participate in a regular group,or if you are interested in attending an  artist led workshop, please contact Karen the Centre Leader on