The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way

Since autumn a small group has been meeting at Wellspring House to do Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way.

The Artist’s Way is a twelve week programme that supports you to discover and recover your creativity. The programme involves a commitment to write daily. The Morning Pages are up to three pages of unedited, stream of consciousness writing. Simply putting down on paper whatever is in your head, when you get up each day. I have found this extremely freeing.  There are also reflective exercises to do each week. The programme emphasises self-nurture and encourages you to engage with your more creative side.  Members of the group have written poems, tried decoupage and painting, made Christmas decorations and even had a go at some DIY plumbing. 

Another aspect of the Artist’s Way that everyone seems to enjoy is the weekly artist’s date. Making a date, every week to do something for yourself and by yourself. Some of the best artist’s dates have been walking in the park, getting a manicure, visits to local libraries and galleries and buying stationery.

The weekly meetings are an opportunity for group members to share their experiences and support each other.  I find it helpful to hear what others find useful and what is more of a struggle. Some times people like to share themes that are emerging from their daily writing and may invite suggestions from others in the group on things they are getting stuck with.  I have picked up some great tips from other members of the group on everything from places to go in Manchester to how to better organise getting the household chores done.  

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The Artist’s Way is about getting in touch with your creative energy and group members have chosen to share their poems, drawing and crafting.  In one of the sessions we did a collective poetry writing exercise. We each started with a blank sheet of paper and wrote an opening line. Then each person folded their paper, so what they had written was hidden, and passed the sheet on to the next person to add a line.  This continued with the papers circulating, each of us adding a line and folding over the paper, until the page was filled.  I think is is fair to see we were all amazed by the result. The poems are on display at Wellspring House and you can read them here. 

The Artist’s Way has been an inspirational journey and has forged some lasting friendships. If you would like to do Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and be part of a group at Wellspring House please get in touch with Karen by sending an email to