Art for Wellbeing at Wellspring House

Image of artwork produced at Wellspring House to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2017. The work its displayed in the form of vibrantly coloured vertical books.

Artwork produced at Wellspring House

vertical books produced by participants at the art for wellbeing workshops held at Wellspring House

Art for Wellbeing at Wellspring House

Vibrant artwork created Wellspring House, with local residents and Redfolio Artists.

Art for Wellbeing

Wellspring House hosted two Art for Wellbeing workshops to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

The Art for Wellbeing workshops were aimed at people with experience of depression, and attracted residents from Radcliffe and further afield.

Our goal  was to bring people together to create art and make new friends.

Twelve people took part in the event, which was facilitated by Redfolio Artists.

Participants used techniques such as stamping and mark making with calligraphy and paint to create vibrant and unique artwork. The theme of the work was ‘Happiness.’

Feedback from the event was fantastic. Participants described feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, inspired and accomplished. There was lots of opportunity for people to chat and share their ideas. For many, the highlight was meeting new people in the friendly and relaxed setting of Wellspring House.

Engaging in creative activity is known to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Participants in the Art for Wellbeing event appreciated having time to immerse themselves in creative work. One participant said, “I loved the opportunity to express my feelings in art. It was a great outlet.”  It was also great for staff and volunteers at Wellspring House to see the Centre buzzing with conversation and creative energy.

The range and quality of the artwork produced in such as short time was amazing. After the event, the work was assembled in matchboxes to create a striking installation of vertical books. The work is pictured on display at Radcliffe Library, where we hope lots of people will enjoy it.

For Wellspring House this is the start of a long-term Art for Wellbeing Project.  We are working with volunteers to set up a regular group at the Centre and would welcome donations of art materials and practical support.

We are grateful to Redfolio Artists, who led the Art for Wellbeing workshops and were kind, supportive and encouraging facilitators.  It was a joy working with them and with such great feedback, we hope  they return to Wellspring House soon.  We are also extremely grateful to Bury Council Township Community  for match funding this event and helping us get an Art for Wellbeing Group started.

If you are interested in Art for Wellbeing and would like to support or participate in a regular group, please contact Karen the Centre Leader on we’d love to hear from you.