Meditate in Radcliffe

Meditate in Radcliffe

Meditation is a great way to enhance your wellbeing, reduce stress, improve focus and create inner peace.  Many people also meditate as part of their regular spiritual practice and find that sitting in stillness helps them experience a greater sense of connectedness to God or the Universe. 

A friendly, supportive group meets to meditate at Wellspring House, Radcliffe on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Please arrive at 6.50pm for a 7.00pm start.

The Group follows a simple form of silent meditation grounded in early Christian and Buddhist traditions.  This is the pattern of meditation taught by the Benedictine monk John Main . Each session includes a short introduction with some tips on how to meditate and is suitable for new and more experienced meditators.

A typical meditation session starts with some relaxing music, a short reading and opening prayer. This  is followed by a 20 minute silent meditation sitting on comfortable chairs. To aid focus, participants are invited to use a mantra or prayer-word or to bring their attention to their breath. To close there is another short prayer and some music.

For those who wish to stay on after the meditation there are hot drinks and biscuits and an opportunity to chat informally and connect with others.  There is no charge for meditation sessions at Wellspring House.  However all meditators are invited to make a  donation of up to £1 per session. This helps with running costs and contributes towards the resources and support the group receives from the World Community for Christian Meditation

Meditation is increasing in popularity with people of all faiths and significantly people who have no particular faith find meditating beneficial. Whether you are on a spiritual path or simply interested in how meditation can support your wellbeing this group offers a warm welcome and a gentle introduction to help you establish a regular practice.

For further information and to check the date of the next session please email  Karen or Melanie on or telephone: 0161 766 2521