Course Fees

Fees cover all tuition costs including downloadable course materials, books and resources on loan, tuition fees and assessment.  There are no ‘hidden’ extras. As a student you have access to the library based at Wellspring House.

There are sponsorship grants available and these are assessed on an individual basis. For information please email Melanie Bennett, 

There are three introductory modules that we offer, the first one being free. These are: Insights into the Bible, An Introduction to Swedenborgian Thought and Skills in Swedenborgian Studies.

The fees for the other modules are as follows:

  • Modules with ¼ credit      £250
  • Modules with ½  credit     £500

Fees are substantially reduced if studying in a group (see below). It is also possible to join a study group (either by Skype, face-to-face or a combination of both) in a supporter role and therefore not undertake assessments.

Below is a table with the various categories and related fees

  ¼ credit module  ½ credit module
Basic individual rate    £250   £500
Studying in group 2/3 students    £150   £300
Studying in group 4+ students    £100   £200
Supporter     £25    £50