23 Mar 2019
March 23, 2019

Healing within Harmony

Date(s) - 23/03/2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wellspring House
25 Radcliffe New Road, Radcliffe , Manchester , M26 1LE


Continuing to explore the theme of wellbeing, the Swedenborg Open Learning Centre is excited to bring together three leading speakers in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit for a special one day seminar.  Taking place at Wellspring House this event explores the importance of living in harmony. Noticing how healing and dis-ease arises from how in tune we are at any moment with the source or essence of life, the creative force or Divine love and wisdom.  The programme for the day includes:

Essence, Presence and Emergence: Finding the Spiritual as a Hospital Chaplain

Guest speaker David Lomax has been working as a hospital chaplain for the last three years and has been interested in health and wellbeing issues for some decades. Working as a hospital chaplain has given David opportunities to apply what he has learned as a Minister in a health context .  David finds himself working with people at times of emotional intensity, uncertainty and often they are experiencing a sense of crisis.  In this context David has found himself returning to Swedenborg’s ideas relating to the spiritual world, influx, health and illness, death and dying, our nature as human beings and the teachings about Providence, love and prayer with new eyes.  What David, has found stimulating and also challenging is how these ideas play out in real terms for individuals, their families and friends when they are in the world of the hospital. In his talk David will share something of his experience of how all of these areas can impact our lives in a practical way.

The Health of Humanity

Guest speaker Malcolm Peet is a retired Consultant Psychiatrist and recently published a book on Garth Wilkinson

It is well recognised that the mind can have a substantial effect on the bodily health and wellbeing of an individual. The whole human race can be regarded as one body, which can suffer from corporate illnesses just a an individual can become ill. Our early ancestors lived as hunter-gatherers, with a relatively stable population and in harmony with their environment, for some 300,000 years. With the development of agriculture, only some 10,000 years ago, the overall health of humanity deteriorated and our impact on the environment began.  Since then, we have collectively raced towards self-destruction, a process that accelerated following the industrial revolution.

The illnesses of humanity correspond to those of the individual. For example, the gluttony of over-consumption has led to an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and related illnesses, with an associated ‘gangrene’ of deprivation and starvation in other parts of the corporate human body. In this process, we are destroying the environment, which we are not separate from, but an integral part of. This terminal illness of the corporate human body is a root a spiritual disorder that can be addressed only through the spiritual regeneration of humanity.

The Influx of Disease: How a Disturbance in Health Enters the Organism and is Made Manifest as Disease

Guest speaker Peter Fraser is a homeopathist and author.

Conventional medicine has been slow to see how physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing are intricately linked. Though this link is now generally acknowledged; there is little understanding of how the interaction happens. Swedenborgian ideas came to America through the  transcendentalists  and  were adopted by leading homeopaths there. They found in Swedenborg’s teachings a path or rather two paths: the Will and the Understanding and also a mechanism for the interaction: Correspondence.  Peter explores how modern embryology and neurobiology are confirming many of these concepts. Disease can arise from effects of an outside influence or the influx of a morbific force, it may also arise from within from a blockage that prevents outflux and so disrupts the dynamic of the organism.  The last of these is rarely understood and may be the most important of all.  Understanding how the flow is disturbed and how it can be restored is important, not least in understanding how the physical reflects the spiritual.

The day concludes with a plenary session and opportunity for questions.

This promises to be a thought-provoking and informative day.  Early booking is recommended please contact Karen or Melanie on enquiries@solce.org.uk to purchase your ticket. Prices are £25 per person full price plus a number of concessionary tickets are available at £15 per person for students, OAPs and Unwaged.  

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available on arrival and through out the day. Please bring along a packed lunch or sandwiches may be purchased at nearby shops.   Wellspring House is conveniently located for the M60 motorway and a 15 minute walk the Metrolink at Whitefield. Free on site car parking is available.