01 Feb 2018
February 1, 2018

Turning the Key – Reading Group

Turning the Key - Reading Group

Date(s) - 01/02/2018
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Wellspring House
25 Radcliffe New Road, Manchester, , M26 1LE


Reading Group Starts 12 October 2017. 

“All the possibilities await your doing. You are the key ….Turning the Key honours the designer of the lock.”  Wilson Van Dusen.

Turning the Key is a new reading group for spiritual seekers of all faiths and none. We meet twice a month at Wellspring House. For our first book, we have chosen to read Wilson Van Dusen’s Returning to the Source.

Have you ever felt a sense of awe when watching a sunset or listening to a beautiful piece of music?

Do you sometimes wonder at the beauty of nature?

Has there been a time when you felt a real connection to universe?

Wilson Van Dusen describes himself as a lifelong and natural mystic. In Returning to the Source, he offers us insights into the way to a direct experience of God by sharing his own experiences and inviting us to reflect on our own experience.

We have planned ten sessions each exploring different aspects of the book. There will be opportunity for discussion, sharing insights and experiential exercises based on our reading. Participants may choose to attend some or all of the sessions.  We ask for a small contribution of £3 per session to help with costs.

The Turning the Key Reading Group meeting on Thursday mornings 10.30am to 12.30pm on the following dates:


12 October 2017  Introduction – A First Look

2 November 2017 Little Shifts in Outlook – Mystery and Awe

30 November 2017 Little Shifts in Outlook – Time, Eternity and the Microcosm

14 December 2017 Shifts in Understanding

11 January 2018 Our Personal Relationship to the Divine

25 January 2018 Seeking and Discovering

1 February 2018 The Play of Existence

22 February 2018 Pristine Awareness

15 March 2018 The Overall Picture and Questions

29 March 2018 Personal Reflections and Next Steps

Join the Reading Group by contacting Karen on enquiries@solce.org.uk or telephone 0161 766 2521