Student support


 Sue Chesworth  Student Liaison Officer.

Sue Chesworth
Student Liaison Officer.

Sue Chesworth is our Student Support Officer. Sue has a wide range of experience to draw upon to support you through your studies. She is a retired head teacher and worked as a part-time tutor for The Open University for 18 years. Sue is married and  has 4 children. These experiences enable Sue to understand the various pressures which students can experience both from the point of view of a tutor and the pressures of the rest of your life when you are studying. It is Sue’s role to offer support through your studies, in a form that is comfortable and helpful to you. For example you may need to contact Sue if you are having problems getting the right resources for your course, you may have problems communicating with your tutor or there may be things happening inyour personal life which are affecting your studies.


Each student is allocated a tutor for the course they have chosen. The tutor will provide advice, guidance and tuition throughout the course. This may be in the form of face to face tutorials, SKYPE or through email.  The course may be studied as part of a small group or maybe individual. This depends upon the demand at any given time for particular courses.

Students are encouraged to work through their course at their own pace. The design and delivery of courses are such that they provide flexibility to meet the needs and aspirations of a wide range of students in a wide range of circumstances. It is our sincere mission to support students so that they are successful in their courses.